let's catch up

A Sweet Summer Start 

Heya, friends! 

Mack here. August is upon us, and as we prepare for our Westboro Fuse Festival set this weekend, we thought it would be a lovely time to do a little bit of reflecting on the SUPER SWEET Summer that we have had so far. If you spoke to Ben or me in February, or even March of this year, there is no WAY that we would or could have predicted the fantastic number of opportunities that were evidently coming our way. After lots and lots and LOTS of basement time, like, to the point of wanting to strangle each other in a Netflix-5-part-series-worthy kind of way, we finally brought together our full band for the wild ride that was our first rehearsal. 

On June 15th, we hit the stage for the first time as a group, opening for our dear friends Slack Bridges (check them out!) in front of a packed Irene's house. We were then given the awesome opportunity to play Ottawa Jazzfest. Although it was essentially the hottest day of the year and my makeup was smeared ALL OVER my face (to the point of possibly being mistaken for a death metal band) the tent was completely full, and we had a total blast! (Plus - we sort of, for one hour, shared a trailer with Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles, and even though they weren't actually innnn it... it was pretty six-degrees-of-separation cool). 

July flew by and before we knew it it was Bluesfest time. Our friends Matt and Curtis of The Split (check them out too!) called us up and asked if Ben and I would like to be special guests for the Friday night All-Star Blues Revue, how could we turn that down! It was an incredible honour to share the stage with so many greats, including Red Young, TJ Wheeler, The Texas Horns, JW Jones, the list goes on! The crowd was grooving, and we made some sweet new friends, so all around, it was a pretty kick butt experience. (Also, we got to hang with our main man and drummer extraordinaire, Steve, so really, no complaints!) 

Mid-August is now here, and were thrilled to be closing our Summer run with a an intimate acoustic set at Westboro Fuse Festival. Ben and I were born and raised in the 'boro, and love this community with all of our heart(s). We'll be joined by our fave gal Sarah Bradley on backup vocals for a really neat, really special set! Sarah's voice is essentially hot caramel pouring out of vat onto a gold leaf and granite countertop, trickling down into a caramel moat of vibrato and opulence and head over heels love. So. If that doesn't entice you to boogie on down to Westboro next weekend, I don't know what could! 

All in all, this Summer has amounted to more than we could have hoped, an all around incredible kick off for this new band. We're in deep planning mode for the Fall/Winter, and just can't wait for what exciting things are coming up next. Talk soon! 


Mack (and Ben!)