At the tender ages of 2 and 3, siblings Mackenzie and Ben began their musical partnership by yelling and enthusiastically (but terribly) strumming along to the Rankin Family at their Papa’s kitchen table. 

 From there the two only grew closer and more musically in sync. Mackenzie brings soulful melodies and sweet, heartfelt lyrics to the group, while the multitalented Ben, pulls beautiful rhythms and complex harmonies out of his guitar, keyboard, and voice, to compliment them perfectly. Joined by a handful of incredible musicians, Mack & Ben is a tight and groovy band, that means business. 

This sibling pair have gained both experience and attention through their respective work with local bands Monday I Retire, Eru-Era, The London Gentlemen Records Band, and The Split, as well as a variety of other ensembles around town. The pair are making great headway in and around Ottawa, and coming off a year of massive shows with their other projects, are ecstatic to be bringing things back to basics and really put their sibling power to work.